The Abundance Mentality 

Steven Covey spoke about abundance mentality; the philosophy that a person believes there are enough resources and successes to share with others.  
This is an essential cornerstone of our educational foundation. Learning isn’t limited; we don’t compete for educational knowledge.  
This is true for students . . . one student’s success must not be predicated on another students failure. Each student is an individual; each student has individual skills, attributes, and gifts. We must fight the urge to create lists or comparisons. As parents and as educators, we want each child to reach his or her highest potential.
This is true for teachers and principals . . . we aren’t competing for success but rather collaborating for support. Each student’s success is a victory at the classroom, building, and district level. We work together, share resources and expertise, and build upon collective learning. We believe in the Power of the Team.
Finally, this is true for our public education establishment. For too long we’ve let others define us; we’ve abdicated the fight for what is best in our education system. We are our own ecosystem; we are interdependent as the unifying system that builds our nation’s future. We, as public educators, will shape the next generations of American leaders. We must live, embrace, and model our abundance mentality in our pursuit of excellence together.

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