How do others experience you?

Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.Oscar Wilde


You know the people . . . the people that when they walk into a room everyone is happy to see them.  These people exude positive energy; they seemingly make every situation a little better.  They bring light to darkness . . . they empower others, create optimism, and inspire joy.


You also know the people that you can’t wait to leave the room.  The individuals, that you said out loud or in your head, “thank goodness” when they leave.  These people are energy vampires.  They exude negative energy.  In fact, it takes energy to even deal with them.  They try to pull you below the line.  They tempt your inner demons and stir impulsive behavior in you.


Who are you?  Honestly, when you enter a room how do people feel about you?  You can control how people feel about you.  You can control the energy, the aura, you provide to others.  You can control how people experience you.


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