Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.  – Mahatma Gandhi


When our lives are aligned, we find fulfillment.  When our personal and professional goals are complimentary, we find enjoyment.  When we balance our work and personal lives, we find happiness.


When we are out of alignment . . . when our lives are out of balance . . . life is a struggle.  We find ourselves fighting internal battles.  We spend energy on the inner battle rather than on living our purpose.


When we are discipline-driven, when we live focused on the outcomes we desire, we are fulfilled, joyful, and happy.  It isn’t enough to talk the talk.  It isn’t enough to go through the paces.  You must find the commitment; you must achieve the harmony.  It must be happening “in you” before it can happen “through you.”


Develop discipline-driven skills . . . align your thoughts, words, and actions.  Know what you want; know who you want to be.  Live the life you want others to see . . . live the life desiring of your purpose and calling.

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