A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.Nelson Mandela


There are people in our lives who are role models; these are the people who inspire us to pursue excellence and reach for the stars.  When I think of these people in my life, when I reflect on my aspirations as an educator and leader, I think of those with the great combination of smarts and heart.  I think of those who know their stuff and have the passion to make it happen.


Think of those who inspire and empower you to be more.  The heart leads the way, but the knowledge paves the path.  Leaders have the job skills, the technical ability to get the work done.  Leaders also understand the necessary life skills needed to build connections, create trust, and develop relationships.


The combination of jobs skills and life skills are the catalyst for successfully leading to achieve results.  Each of us is growing, learning and developing . . . our journey is never complete.  We must carefully walk as we go through life – we stop at each crossroads and ask ourselves is our heart aligned with our head.  We must be wise, ask for assistance, walk in love, and be discipline.

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