“The best leaders love leading, which means they place the welfare of the organization ahead of their own self-interests.”   – Leadership Lessons from West Point


We are all leaders.  As parents, teachers, administrators . . . we lead.  The best leaders love what we do – they lead with passion, dedication, and service.  Your 20 square feet can be a bus, a classroom, a building, or a district – you are still the leader.


My goal – a goal I don’t always achieve – is to be a servant leader.  There is nothing more rewarding than giving of myself for the success of the organization.  When the team succeeds – that is the ultimate victory.  Professionally – as educators – there is no real personal success.  The success in education is when great things happen for students.  Successful programs, activities and initiatives are all for the students we serve on a daily basis.


Leadership is a “we” – not an “I” – activity.  Leadership is dependent on serving, inspiring, and supporting others to become elite.  One of my favorite quotes from The West Wing comes from Vice President Russell when he says, “You know what you call a leader with no followers?  Just a guy out on a walk.”  Leaders serve those in the organization; they serve those who follow.


Cultivate your love for your work – it will, in turn, cultivate your leadership.  Serve those you lead – it is the most fulfilling and reward approach to life.


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