Experience Life

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.” – Soren Kierkegaard 

If we think about the challenges we face each day as a laundry list of problems, life itself becomes a drag. Life is filled with obstacles, with challenges, and with opportunities. Each and every day we are faced with events. Each and every day we respond – either with discipline or by default – to the events.  

We experience life; we live in the real world. Our society, our world as educators, is incredibly complex. Each encounter we have, each relationship we build, is unique. We strive to respect individual differences and to create experiences in our lives. Each experience, each relationship, provides opportunities for growth and reflection. Each experience gives us a chance to pursue our passion for growth.

Take the time to engage others and build relationships. Without engagement and consultation we struggle, but when we engage and seek advice we find success. Take the time to experience life . . . experience the joy and understanding of life itself.

Life isn’t about getting others to agree with us . . . life is about interacting and living with others. We must have purpose and clarity in our lives – both personal and professional. In my unchangeable core I believe that we are social beings; I believe that we are called to be together to serve a greater purpose than ourselves. Together, through shared experiences, each of us has the opportunity to grow, learn and to strengthen our resolve.



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