“I am not perfect and strive to fix the problem areas in my life.” – Urban Meyer, 9 Units Strong
No one is perfect; no one is even close. We are all broken; we all live lives of imperfection. We make mistakes each and every day. We fall below the line, we operate by default, and we take the easy road.  

Living a discipline-driven life, living Above the Line, is about identifying our weaknesses and relentlessly striving to improve. It is a journey without a destination; we will never live lives of perfection. We fight the battle each and every day to be the best we can be. We continually strive to fix the problem areas in our lives and to live our lives on purpose.

We have a huge advantage – we are not fighting our battle alone. We are created to live and work in relationships. We are created to be connected; we have a higher purpose and calling. We have a purposeful community; our work isn’t individualistic.  

Build trust and relationships; be disciplined in your desire to grow your community. There is no reason to be alone in your work; live your purpose through and with others.

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