Curiosity Keeps us Moving

It is great to respect the past.  As Edmund Burke advises, “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”

The past gives us perspective, but we are not preparing today’s students for the past.  We are preparing today’s students for tomorrow.  We are preparing students today to be successful adults in the 2030’s and 2040’s.  

We are changing education . . . we are challenging the status quo.  We are creating productive discomfort for many teachers, parents, and students.  Our passion for growth is going to take us to a different level – you must be ready.  Our relentless pursuit of excellence is going to challenge many of the traditional expectations of public education – it’s “go time.”

Our agrarian calendar, our school day, organizing students by born on date, competency based grades . . . I am curious.  I want to lead us down a new path . . . I want to ask questions, open new doors, and do new things.  I believe we have an amazing future; we are going to reach new heights.

We will know our history, we will embrace our traditions, and we will respect those who have come before us.  We will continue to move forward and to do new things. 

Leadership matter . . . You are a catalyst for change.  Stop for one moment . . . this is about you . . . change begins with you.  Don’t embrace the past – respect it. 

Be curious- take the new path!


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