It’s All About Belief

Belief is not simply about individual performance. It is an essential element of exceptional team performance. Shared belief empowers a team to operate at full capacity.

None of us can be successful alone . . . life is not an individual sport.

We achieve greatness through clarity and focus . . . we are stronger together. When we are aligned, working together we achieve more. Our collective effort, united by shared beliefs, takes us to another level.

Elite teams have elite levels of belief. Urban Meyer shares, “On a team, belief is a force multiplier. One man believes and the man next to him believes, and before you know it, it grows exponentially.”

Belief begins with you. It is up to you, through your actions, to share you beliefs. You model your beliefs; you must be intentional in your action.

I believe we have an elite team. I believe you – as an individual – are ready to be a force multiplier. We have shared beliefs; we have clarity and focus. We now have a simple decision making framework . . . E + R = O. By choosing to live our lives Above the Line – by winning the battle every day to be intentional, on purpose, and skillful – our beliefs turn into actions; we are part of a team. Individual performance isn’t enough – we must model, share, and multiply our efforts.

We’ve all felt those moments – the moment when a team has synergy – that moment when everyone is pulling in the same direction, on the same page, and working as one. We’ve experienced the moments when you just feel the energy . . . it’s an “inside” feeling that produce exceptional “outside” results. This comes from belief. The better we get at this work . . . the more we are operating in this “inside” belief to “outside” results world.

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